Waiting is over…

I got the new shining KC705 devkit today, which I ordered in early March.
I had mixed feelings, excited and a little bit disappointed.
Excited because I could pursue my interesting projects with the new gear.
Disappointed due to the facts that:

I will focus on KC705 after getting other projects out of my hands, probably in several weeks.


The KC705 is the larger board in the bottom. I put the smaller SP605 in the middle to compare.


3 Responses to “Waiting is over…”

  1. tingcao Says:

    I filed a WebCase (#923107) with Xilinx Friday on June 1, I got responds back from Silicon Application Engineer David Fiedeldey on same day.
    What happened was that BPI/SPI wasn’t properly flashed. After following the instruction from xtp131_13.4 (KC705 Restoring Flash Contents), I got BIST running.

  2. liudispacei Says:

    Hi, there, I’m also running BIST on Kintext FPGA KC705 board and unfortunately it seems I encountered the same problems with you. After I pressed PROG, nothing showed in the TeraTerm terminal program and then I also found INIT LED turned red. Any idea how to fix the probem? Should I just follow the instructions showed in your own reply and restore flash contents?
    Thanks a lot~~~

    • tingcao Says:

      Looks like your scenario is similar to mine, I guess restoring flash contents should do it.
      I hope Xilinx QA could do a better job (ie, the board should run out of the box).

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