Install Xilinx Cable Drivers on 32 bit Ubuntu

Xilinx released ISE 14.1 this week. Unfortunately Ubuntu is still not a supported OS platform. I have to go through the driver installation process again, but this time I documented what I did and hope it will be useful for Linux users of Xilinx design tools.

My 32 bit Ubuntu 10.04 VM is of version 2.6.32-38; ISE 14.1 is installed on a remote hfsplus mount. Since it is a virtual machine, I enabled X11 Forwarding via SSH on OS X host to allow GUI installation.

Install ISE 14.1

Install ISE 14.1 suite, including ISE, LabTools and SDK, without cable drivers. Run xsetup scripts as regular user. It took about 22 GB disk space on the remote mount.

Setup Environment, and Install Supporting Packages

The default Ubuntu shell is dash, a smaller but less feature-rich shell. I changed the shell to bash.
Point gmake to /usr/bin/make.
Some packages are required to compile driver:

  • libusb-dev
  • libftdi-dev
  • build-essential
  • libc6-dev
  • fxload

Here’s my setup environment.

Environment and Packages

Build and Install Drivers

I followed the advice from George Smart:
Xilinx JTAG Linux
Here’s how I compiled and installed driver.

Compile and Install Driver

Connect FPGA Device via Platform Cable USB II

I’m using LX9 MicroBoard. There are 3 different ways connecting to JTAG.

JTAG     USB Device ID Cable Speed (MHz) or Clock Frequency(100,000Hz)
Platform Cable USB II 03fd:0008 6MHz
Digilent Onboard Plugin 1443:0007 4m Hz
Digilent HS1 0403:6010 10m Hz

Here’s how I connected to FPGA.

Platform Cable USB II

Install Digilent Onboard Plugin Driver and Adept Driver for HS1

Here’s how to install Digilent drivers, and connect via Onboard Plugin port.

Install Digilent Drivers and Connect via Onboard JTAG

Connect FPGA Device via Digilent HS1

Connect to JTAG via HS1 is identical to Platform Cable.

Connect FPGA Device via Digilent HS1

Here’s how to use impact to connect, please notice JTAG clock frequency is listed.

Impact Connect via HS1

To Do

I have a 64 bit Fedora 14 Desktop. Get the drivers built and installed is much more challenging. I will report back if I could get it work.

4 Responses to “Install Xilinx Cable Drivers on 32 bit Ubuntu”

  1. Oriol Arcas Says:

    I tested the solution with Digilent drivers on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit and it went fine. I had to fix some /dev write access problems, though. Thanks for the information!

  2. Madhukumar Says:

    thank’s for the information…’s working

  3. huytuan Says:

    Hi tingcao !
    I’m installing ISE 14.4 and Petalinux SDK v-12.12
    I finished ISE 14.4 but I don’t know to install Petalinux SDK even though I did it such as its installation guide
    It is difficult to install on ubuntu with me …
    Can you help me installing Petalinux v-12.12 …?
    Thanks you very much !

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