Change VMware virtual machine’s MAC address

When I try out evaluation software, such as ARM RVDS4 Professional, TI CCS4, I would often run them on different platforms, say Fedora, Ubuntu, and/or XP. The problem is that licenses are often locked on particular machine per ethernet MAC address.
After couple of tries and googling, I figured out how to change MAC address for VMware virtual machines. My host is a Macbook Pro/OS X 10.6, VMware Fusion 3.0.1. My ethernet device is listed as ethernet0. Here’s what I did.
Open virtual machine’s configuration file, .vmx file in your favorite editor, change two lines:
1) ethernet0.addressType = “generated” to “static”, and
2) ethernet0.generatedAddress = “your existing MAC address” to
ethernet0.address = “you new MAC address”

This gives me better opportunity to evaluate software before making the purchase call.

I found out, in another day, that by using MAC address type of vpx, it allows you to use address in the range of “00:50:56:xx:xx:xx.”


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